Improve your Sleep by Blocking Blue Light
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What Is Blue Light?

Blue Light

As you know, light consists of a range of colours. Each colour has a different energy frequency or wavelength. The graph below shows this spectrum.

Blue Blockers Australia Blue Light

Blue light down to violet and ultra violet (UV) light has a powerful effect on the human body. From an evolutionary perspective we only experienced blue or UV light during the day (from the sun).

When there was no blue light present it meant sundown and darkness.

However today, we are flooded in blue light 24/7. We carry artificial suns in our pockets. Every time we look at our smartphone we send a signal to the brain that the sun is up.

This impacts our circadian rhythm, our sleep, and our health. You can see more about how this happens and the studies that prove this point here. 

The problem with modern devices such as cell phones, LED light bulbs, TVs and other forms of energy efficient light is that these put out a lot of light in the blue spectrum.

If we limited our use of these devices to during the day it would be fine. However most of us continue to use these items well past sundown.

You can see in the image below how various light bulbs have different levels of blue light and their effect on melatonin (the sleep hormone).


Blue Blockers Australia Blue Light

So what can we do about it? The simple is to avoid artificial light past sun down. If thats not possible then you need to use the strategies discussed on the page 'How to Minimise Blue Light' or you can use the products sold here at

There are two methods:

1) Reduce Blue Light sources (i.e. replacing LED bulbs with incandescent bulbs)

2) Filtering or blocking the blue light that hits our body/eyes (with Blue Blocking glasses or screen filters).

For more information please see the Research page or read the article 'How Candles Can Make You Lose Weight And Sleep Better'